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In case you’re behind on the latest in pop sugar culture, a Cronut is a croissant-doughnut hybrid created by Dominique Ansel of Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York. It looks like and is fried like a doughnut, but it has the delicate layers of a croissant. Since the Cronut hit the scene in May, people have been lining up before dawn for a chance to try one of these beauties. I would too! Hey cupcake…word on the street is that you’re being replaced?  :)

Here Is The Blackberry Cronut In All It's Glory

Blackberry is the flavor for July, following the unique flavors of Rose-Vanilla and Lemon-Maple in May and June. There is only one flavor each month, stay tuned for August’s. The new Cronut is filled with blackberry-swirled vanilla cream, rolled in sugar and lime zest, and is topped with a blackberry glaze. Sounds like the best thing ever, right?

Here Is The Blackberry Cronut In All It's Glory

The line that forms outside the bakery before it opens at 8am (9am on Saturday) only adds to the mass hysteria. By 6:10am on Monday July 1st, the first day the Blackberry Cronut graced us with its presence, there were already 30 people in line.

Here Is The Blackberry Cronut In All It's Glory

By the time the bakery opened there were about 200 people waiting in line. While originally a single person could buy six Cronuts at a time, it is now limited to two per customer due to the insane black market that the Cronut mania has created. Dominique Ansel reported that he made around 300 Cronuts for July 1st. One of these pastries will cost you five dollars and it comes in this little gold box.

Here Is The Blackberry Cronut In All It's Glory

It might seem ridiculous to wake up so early and wait in line only to spend too much money on some hybrid pastry, right? Well the box alone is cute enough for me.

Here Is The Blackberry Cronut In All It's Glory

Having made croissants during my Baking and Pastry semester at Culinary School, I will always admire and savor the flaky layers of butter that get folded into each and every rolled out sheet of dough. So time consuming, yet worth it. Have I made a croissant since school? Ummm NO.

Here Is The Blackberry Cronut In All It's Glory

What’s next, a CROOKIE?

If you’re still trying to figure out exactly what a Cronut is, check out the chef’s CRONUT 101 page for even more info.

I personally have not yet tried a Cronut, have you? I just learned about them this week thanks to Food 52 who graciously gives us this Cronut recipe to make at home. During my Cronut research to satisfy my curiousity, I put together this Cronut Madness board on Pinterest.

Well, what do you think? Is the cupcake past it’s prime? I still think they’re cute and tasty, but we always have room for more sweets!

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Photo courtesy of Food52

Hello and happy Monday! If you’re like me you’re into the thick of your kid’s summer vacation. That means the days/weeks they are not enrolled in a summer camp or summer travel, you’re hearing lots of “mom I”m bored” or “mom can I play on your phone” right?

It can be a challenge to keep the kiddos entertained all of the time so I find that spending a little time in the kitchen together, can mean a lot less time being “bored”. Not to mention when your little ones are all grown up you hope they look back on their childhood with fond memories of spending time in the kitchen making memories with you.  OK, at least this is what I tell myself each time I attempt to cook with my son, along with a little prayer for patience.

My 7.5 year old loves Rocket Pops and so did I when I was his age. My favorite stripe was the white because it tasted like 7Up pop to me. I do give in a few times in the summer and buy them for my little guy, despite the irrational fear I have of his teeth rotting right of his mouth. When I saw this healthier recipe for All American – All Natural Rocket Pops on my new favorite food blog Food52,  I just had to share it with you. Perfect timing for a little patriotic project.  The colors may not be the red, white and blue of the “real” Rocket Pop, but hopefully kids won’t really notice when they taste these.  Try serving them up with some sparklers on Thursday. This recipe is on my Things to do to help celebrate the 4th of July list and hopefully will make it to yours.

If you get around to making these with your family, be sure to reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram and share pics! Or feel free to post right here. If you’re looking for other ways to celebrate Popsicles, check out this post from last year called Popsicle Celebration.

Click HERE for full Rocket Pop recipe and tutorial


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Here’s a little round up of some FREE oldies but goodies from Christmas past here on the blog, along with a family favorite recipe my son an I whipped up today for Santa.  Nothing helps get you into the holiday spirit more than baking up something homemade to share. Enjoy the freebies and time spent with your little helpers:)

This year my son and I whipped up a batch of my childhood favorite Thumbprint Cookies. I always double the recipe and use Raspberry Jam, YUM~ mine and Santa’s favorite.

Cupcakes In A Jar

Peppermint Marshmallows + Hot Cocoa Mix

Christmas Lights Toppers or Tags

Peppermint Cloud Brownies

Caramel Pecan Pretzel Turtles

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

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Having a 6 year old boy means there are lots of hot dogs in our daily diet, all beef of course. I’m starting to notice a trend making hot dogs appealing not just to kiddos anymore. Similar to the popularity of new gourmet burger boutiques popping up everywhere, hot dogs are making a HOT comeback! Lots of restaurants and food trucks offering doggers with gourmet, funky toppings making my mouth water as I type this.

Having said that, I must say…Happy National Hot Dog Day to you! Just this past weekend I attended Atlanta’s first ever street food festival where there were just food trucks. Don’t you just love this new trend in food? Where else can you quickly grab an artsy, handmade, unique tasty bite?  I waited over an hour in line for some gourmet hot dogs from The Pup Truck, at the urging of my son of course. He had his plain with yellow mustard and I had mine with chili, slaw and jalapenos. Not the best choice for a pregnant woman with excruciating heartburn:) I was intrigued by the pup featuring brie cheese and pears, who knew?

If you follow me on Pinterest you will see I’ve been pinning some fantastic ideas for hot dogs to help celebrate today.

National Hot Dog Day Pinterest Board

Among my pins you’ll find hot dog cupcakes, hot dog cookies and of course 101 Tasty and Unusual Toppings. Enjoy and have a dog on us today!

If you have a favorite hot dog recipe, we’d love to hear it. Feel free to post it here on the blog.

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Valentine Chocolate Pretzel Bites

Tomorrow is the big day! The day for chocolate, hearts and most of all LOVE! This weekend my 6 year old son and I took some time to make these yummy and super simple Valentine Chocolate Pretzel Bites for his Kindergarten class party. I love snacks that are sweet and salty, don’t you? I promise these will satisfy the strongest of cravings.  I thought I’d share the recipe and make it a tutorial,  plus offer up some more sweet and savory Valentine’s snacks at the end of this post. Enjoy!

Mini Pretzels
Heart Shaped Dove Chocolates
Valentine Colored M&Ms

Preheat oven to 200 degrees.
Grab a little helper and start placing pretzels onto a lined cookie sheet.

While your little helper is lining up the pretzels, unwrap all chocolates.

Center a chocolate onto each pretzel

Both milk and dark chocolate, make a nice contrast.

Bake 8-10 minutes or until chocolate is melted but still retains shape

Press an M&M into each chocolate (not too far)
Place in a safe place (where you can’t eat them:) and allow to cool
on sheet until they are no longer soft. Overnight is best.

If you follow me on Pinterest you’ll see I have been busy collecting all sorts of wonderful sweet and salty Valentine snack ideas. Here are my top 10 recipes and tutorials, handpicked just for you!

1. Red Velvet Valentine’s Cakes
2. Stained Glass Valentine Cookies
3. Sweetheart Shortbread
4. Valentine’s Day S’mores
5. Popcorn Poppers

6. Roasted Heart Potatoes
7. Healthy Hearts
8. Conversation Heart Toast
9. Marbled Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies
10. Valentine Jelly Pops

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